There's #Black Friday and #Cyber Monday...and then there's #Giving Tuesday, an international day of giving! This year, we can't wait to link arm with you so we can provide nutritious home delivered meals to hundreds of struggling seniors in Solano County.
Our Meals on Wheels Program was created around one central idea: Our home-bound seniors should not be left alone and hungry as they grow old and struggle to stay independent and healthy.
  • 1 in 6 seniors in California struggle with hunger.
  • At least 80% of Older Americans are living with at least one chronic condition, and 68% have at least two.
  • 18.7 million seniors live near or below the federal poverty line, struggling to get by on elss than $12,490 a year.
When you support Meals on Wheels Solano County, you'll make sure your home-bound, elderly neighbors' most vital needs are met. And your kindness will be truly appreciated.
We simply cannot let our most vulnerable seniors starve. And, with Meals on Wheels Solano County and your support, they won't. Giving locally makes a world of difference. And it makes our community stronger.
Providing regular nutritious meals for more than 725 hombeound elderly neighbors is an urgent challenge for Meals on Wheels Solano County. We cannot do it without your help. Not a day goes by when a senior in our community does not sit inside, hungry and alone. Please help meet the needs right here in Solano County and make a lifesaving gift for a senior in need today.