Rosey Program


One in three clients lives alone and is either experiencing or at risk of isolation. As the needs of seniors grow in Solano County, so do the programs and services we offer.

The Rosey Tablet Program is designed to connect seniors to their friends, families, and communities through technology. All receive a free tablet, training, and technical support. Anything from games, video-calling, wellness checks, and even medication reminders, Rosey is equipped with many features that are safe, simple, and fun to use


  • Seniors (60+) or Permanently Disabled Adults

  • A Resident of Solano County, California

  • At risk or currently experiencing isolation

  • Must not currently have a tablet, laptop, or smartphone


  • Tablet with Built-In Wi-Fi & Roaming Data

  • Training

  • Technical Support

If you or someone you know could benefit from this program, please fill out the Rosey Interest Form below, or call our Rosey Program Coordinator at 707-806-0164 today!

Rosey Program Highlights

Rosey Program

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